O'Keefe Roofing

Being a roofing specialist comes with its own set of challenges especially in Massachusetts. A competent roofing contractor understands weather challenges unique to this city. A lot of people think we are unable to operate all year due to the amount of rain we get but fortunately, we do.

We are also able to work with different kinds of roof styles, from contemporary to classic. We have knowledge and the tools to work with all the different types of roofs for your home. You can give us a call any time to ask about the different roofing materials we have been working with and installed on different homes for years such as tiles, metal, composition, shake and other new composites.

When you hire O'Keefe Roofing, you are putting the future of your home in our hands. We take that very seriously. Over the years we have worked so hard to perfect to art of roofing and it shows. What you get is years and years of satisfaction and enjoyment.